1 Timothy 2:9 says a woman should dress modestly. What exactly does this mean as it also talks about not wearing jewelry and such. Here is my take on modesty.

Dressing modestly:
so my daughter is in both dance and cheer. She’s 5 and she chooses her outfits for classes. Her preference are sports bra tops and booty shorts. Why do I allow it when most people call me a prude? It’s her freedom of choice.

When she was 3 and wanted blue hair I let her get blue high lights. She changed highlights from blue to pink to black before deciding she had enough and wanted normal hair. Took 2 years but she got there. Why did she stop? She hated washing her hair in cold water. She learned that if she had cool hair she would pay the price of cold water. So she gave up cool hair.

Clothes, she doesn’t walk around town wearing sports bras. She has a bikini. She requested it, wore it a few times before realizing it’s not all that great. So now we stick with 1 piece swim wear or tankinis.

What about me? I’m the prude remember. Two kids out of wed lock one lives with me the other with his dad and I’m the prude? Yup that’s me. I’m the jerk that made my husband wait 5 years to have sex with him. Made him wait. Barely kiss him made him wait. Why? Because after my daughter it was hard. I watched my best friend intentionally get pregnant so her boyfriend she barely knew would marry her because he was hot and fun. She’s miserable some days, some days she’s happy but she taught me that sex isn’t worth happiness. So he waited.

I wear what I want, mostly tank tops, shorts, flip flops. Idk how to dress myself most of the time. I work at UPS remember it’s a warehouse of sorts and I am a prude. I don’t show much skin, I have tattoos and yet I am modest.

I’ve got friends who have never dated. They are more into God. I respect them. I have friends who have dated but changed their course and now haven’t dated in almost as many years. They are amazing. I tried, I quit looking and I got a husband. He may be more persistent idk.

What is modesty? I don’t know that you can define that. It’s more what is modest for you? And why are women always to blame for being unmodest?

Men: they get away with anything. Take for example where I work. A woman comes in and strips to her bra and everyone loses their minds. Either the guys think she’s hot, the girls get offended and she puts clothes back on. A guy comes in has a shirt on that’s been cut from arm pits to stomach. You know the one, it’s similar to a singlet they wear for wrestling. You can see man boobs, chest, all but some small strip in the center. Not to mention his pants won’t stay on so your looking at his underwear. A woman shows her bra and underwear and people go crazy!

Why is there a difference? Women can lust after a man. They can think impure thoughts. A man can lust after a woman and have impure thoughts but when it comes down to it, a woman is the one who has to dress modestly.

Remember how I said my daughter is in dance and cheer? Take Michael flatly for example. He was HOT hot. Always did Irish dancing with her shirt wide open or completely off. Showing his abs for every woman to gush over. The Irish women however, short skirts or dresses but completely covered. Not ok for them to show off their body most of the time. But totally ok for the man.

What is modesty to me? That’s easy, every human should think about what they wear. Every human should care more about themselves. Sad truth is, when people say they care or don’t care usually it’s the opposite.

Dress modestly, act modestly, but seriously God forgives those who seek it. Don’t forget to live every day to the fullest.

So recently I went with my family to our local zoo. Growing up it was always really exciting to see the elephants (Kathy sha boom) as well as the lions and other animals that one only sees in a zoo setting.

A few years ago things at our little zoo got pretty bad. It started with the wallabys. No one really noticed that they were not there anymore. One day, the zoo was forced to make a statement but only after a few other things happened. First it was the wallabys. Next was the elephants, then the lions and the jaguar. What happened? The original zoo director (not the first one but the good one). He left for better job opportunity and higher pay. After he left we lost our accreditation and things started moving. You see our zoo is controlled by the county.

So we lost our accreditation then wallabys started dying off. One survived and was sent back to the zoo that loaned him to us. After that the elephants were loaned to a zoo down south. It wasn’t until the zoo raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to save the elephants and to build the new enclosure to keep them. The county board sent them anyway. Where did the money go you ask? Well no one knows.

So after the elephants were sent down south the male lion got a lot of health issues. He’s old they said 20 or so. They began work on fixing the lion exhibit so they housed them in tiny cages. It was quite sad for more than a year. After they finally finished (at least 2 years later) they made a statement regarding the male lion not moving because of his diminished eyesight and his increasing old age he wouldn’t survive the move. So they split up the two females and the male that had been together for as long as I can remember. That didn’t last more than a few months and all of a sudden the male was back with the females in the new enclosure. What changes? The fence was redone that was all.

The male lion died then the jaguar was old so they put him down. We had a baby giraffe but it was stepped on and then they put the baby down due to complications with its leg. So I’m a few years there were all these issues. Then comes along the need for change.

We fired the director and hired a guy with an impressive resume. The old director took half the staff with him (good riddance). The new director came in and started working. He worked through the winter making plans and things. Last year he made minor changes to the grounds like making sure volunteers were out weeding and making things look more appealing. Then this year the promise of new animals.

We got Bactrian camels, and meerkats and other animals. Now we have fish and things. It’s really interesting to watch. What I’m not impressed with is you can’t call an exhibit oceans if you have fish and no cool animals of the sea. Another time. They claim to have over 40 new fish species and other animals he has brought in. My opinion is he is really trying to turn the zoo around. He is charging for parking which helps covers costs and he has added a learning experience for kids.

It makes it worth $8 plus $3 for the train, $2 to fee birds, $2 for carousel, $4 for a piece of lettuce to feed giraffes? I bought a membership because it’s cheaper if we go more than 3 times plus $3 parking adds up. (It’s free with membership) it now costs $17 to do most activities instead of $47.

If you enjoy big zoos, don’t bother but if you enjoy small quiet zoos then stop on by coal valley Illinois and check out our small hometown zoo.

It’s not great but it’s getting back to its roots.

In my previous blog I talked about how wonderful United Airlines was when it comes to family. Our return trip was a little different. I again used the online check in process. I still like the printed tickets and had checked baggage so we did all that at the airport but our seats were all together. We arrived at the gate with about 20 minutes to spare before boarding. That was giving 2 hours from rental car drop off to check in, walking through security and all that.
In my opinion, whatever your airport recommends as the arrival time try to get close. San Diego now has signs saying if you don’t have your checked bags there 45 minutes before your flight there is a good chance your bags won’t make your plane. Awesome!
We got to the gate and there were a ton of people traveling to Denver with kids. One dad and son somehow got seats apart. As soon as they scanned the second ticket United airlines has a fail safe that flagged them. The gate agent immediately got them seats together. Talk about service!
American would have let them board and tell them it’s not the airlines issue. Pay more money I’ve been told. United airlines however wants families to fly together. Amazing!
We made it to Denver and only had to listen to one baby cry the whole time. I’ll take it. I say only one baby because I felt bad for the parents who were so busy keeping themselves busy they ignored the one year old and all it’s ear problems. Some parents… I checked the screen when we got inside and our gate was 86…. we were at 20 something. Oh awesome! Good thing we had 2.5 hours to wait so dinner it was. The taco place was packed, Wolfgang puck restaurant was super pricey. So we settled on $8 sandwiches the size of my daughters head. Pricey but huge! I’ll take it. I then grabbed a Jamba Juice because well they are delicious and I love them.
Got to the gate and waited. 1.5 hours. Here comes the excitement! With about 45 minutes til boarding a young man runs up to the lady at the counter. He needs on that moline flight that just boarded. Oh this will get good. She reassured him it was not boarded yet and he walked away. I people watch, he caught my attention and I almost sat the plane ride out!

We finally board, how lucky am I that the crazy guy sat in the seat across the aisle from me. Fate? We shall see. He orders a liquor shot with ginger ale and sprite, he weaves his way to the flight attendant up 9 rows to order a second. I can see he is noticeably drunk. They give it to him anyway. He can’t even sit in his seat and tries to drink it only to spill it all over. He finished it then stood up to get his third. At this point we are landing. I mean within 20 minutes from the airport. So I start to pay attention. He’s your typical too much to drink kinda guy. He takes off his seat belt, tries to get his bag. I reach over grab his arm and start talking to him. I’ll get your bag etc etc.

The guy who sat in front of him got up and moved away. Another person talked bad about him. It’s sad that when people have too much others look the other way. I walk behind mister too much to drink. He couldn’t get thru the small bridge. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him through. Dragged my daughter across because it is kinda scary. Made sure he didn’t get into a car alone. He said mom and dad were picking him up and sure enough they eventually did.

I don’t know who he was, what his name was, but I do know common decency and the values I want to instill in my daughter are to help those in need. No matter what you would do remember who is watching you.

That being said my dad would have beat me if I ever stumbled off the plane. There is always something when we fly. Lucky for me this time I didn’t create the commotion.

On our trip we stayed at the San Diego country estates. Not only is this a timeshare location it is also an inn. I wasn’t impressed with the grounds. They offer pools and activities as well as horse centers etc. what they do not disclose is that there are houses that are apart of the community and you have to drive to get to the pools. The events are things brought on by the community around you. It is quiet because your in the mountains of San Diego, Ramona, to be exact. Don’t think you are close to town though. It is still a 15 minute drive to get to the town of Ramona. They have some grocery stores and a few food places. I wasn’t happy there because it was outside the city but I will tell you all about the things some people may have found great about this place.

The equestrian centers are only for people who already own horses. Something not clearly explained. The pools (3) all require a key to enter and the closest one to us was still a few blocks away down a nice sized hill. The pools from what I saw were always crowded with locals. When they were not crowded they had lessons or fitness activities that were by registration only. I never saw any clear hours for the pools. Sometimes lifeguards were present and others not.

If your looking to stay away from the city, this is the place for you. It is quiet. A 30 minute drive to Julian for the best apple pies ever. You have your own kitchen, living room, bathroom and large bedroom with two closets. The tv’s are equipped with cable. They don’t have delivery service there that I was able to find so unless your doing all your cooking, it’s a drive for food.

The staff doesn’t understand the help. Help: the Mexicans who work for I’m assuming decent wages. Let me explain. When we arrived, I was told our room was ready! Yay! We were a couple hours early (maybe just one but I hadn’t slept in 24 hours so I was tired). I got to the room (a bit of a drive from check in) to find the maid was still straightening the room. It was anything but ready. She was embarrassed and called her boss who then called the front desk who then called her in the room. (Did I mention you get your own private local number?) they mixed up her 6017 or something with 5601. After many apologies by her and me sitting there totally confused as to what to do. The room was straightened and she left.

I love the beach. There is no beach closer than an hour away. I love the city. Again 1 hour away. I have enough quiet at home. It was quiet. Everyday we traveled down the mountain an hour and back up again because the food there was not what I come to San Diego for. If you want quiet, lovely view and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend the country estates in Ramona. If your looking for busy and traffic and fun I would say stay in the city.

Our return flight was where all the excitement happened. Check out my next blog about United the return trip.

I travel by air a lot. Most times I travel American but after the last time I was open to anyone else. United airlines has the best price for what I wanted. So we ordered our tickets and waited to fly. I learned that if you check in early it’s sometimes easier.

I did just that. I checked in early (one day before the flight) and noticed that my 5 year old was sitting behind me on the 3.5 hour flight from Chicago to San Diego. I started to get super nervous. Every time I travel something bad happens and I was afraid this was the bad thing.

It’s not that I don’t trust people it’s that this was an early morning flight and she was going to be tired and being stuck between two strangers sounded too much for this mom to handle. Flights are already expensive and I wasn’t paying $100 each for us both to change seats so I let go and let God. I prayed that things would work out.

We got to the airport and printed our tickets. I knew the gate agent couldn’t help me with the journey so we waited to land in Chicago. I immediately went to the customer service center in the middle of the airport for united and waited in line.

Once I got to the counter the woman said she couldn’t help me but not to worry because the gate agent would most likely help me no problem. She understood my concern and put my worries to ease.

Once the gate agent arrived I walked up to him. He was nice and friendly and so helpful. He went above and beyond and the best thing was that I didn’t have to pay the extra $200 for our seats to be changed.

That is not where the friendliness ended. On the aircraft, heading to San Diego, the flight attendants offered beverages and didn’t try to wake us when we slept. They didn’t talk down to me as if I’ve never flown before. It was night and day from what I get with American Airlines. I didn’t have any issues on the plane heading to San Diego. The flight crew even let me daughter check out the cockpit. The pilot and co pilot were informative and happy to be doing their job. The flights were smooth and I was impressed. (I am not always easily impressed)

I used to fly on a plane for the Air Force so I understand the rules and I obey them as such. I appreciate friendly staff in the sky’s as it helps relieve any stress of traveling. The staff of united airlines is the best and well worth the cost of the tickets.

Read my next travel blog of staying in a time share away from the lights and noise of San Diego. Titled country estates to learn more.

Last March I travelled to San Diego California as I do every year. This trip was different. I splurged a little got a nice mustang convertible because my daughter wanted a windy car. I stayed in the city of poway because that was where I was told to stay. So I found a best western. I like best western, the one by my home is beautiful and everything is great. The best western in poway California however, worst hotel ever! And I have stayed in some shady places.

For example, our flight was late. It happens right. Air travel is a tricky beast, sometimes your lucky and sometimes you get stuck. So we were about 2 hours late. Luckily we got that connection. We got the car easily enough. Maneuvering the then 4 year old and all luggage into the sports car. We were tired so we drove to poway and I was looking forward to getting to bed.

We checked in and walked into our room and the smell was annoying. I figured well I’m tired and I don’t want to deal with it so I’ll try to ignore it. We changed and brushed teeth and then it was like the smell was getting worse. I tried laying down and it just starting bothering me. So I packed up our stuff and went back to the counter. That seems to be where the issues started. The guy seemed to think I was lying. I said hey I hate bothering you but my room smells like pot and normally I would let it go but with my daughter here I can’t. Do you have any other rooms. The guy was like no one has been in your room. I said I know it’s clean and great but the neighbor is smoking so much it’s coming thru the walls. He reluctantly looked at his computer and got us another room. He then walked us to the old room to retrieve our stuff and then he was all like wow it does smell really strong in here.

I was like duh. I said yea that’s kinda why I couldn’t just ignore it because it seems like someone is in here. So he allegedly talked to the guy next door and we moved to the back of the building and our room was less impressive. The door and lock didn’t always work. Occasionally you had to pull on the door and insert the key card in order for it to work. The door itself wouldn’t open easily and often times it wouldn’t close all the way. It was a nightmare but hey it didn’t smell like weed anymore.

So we went sight seeing and spent time with my boy and had a blast. We went to the zoo and all we bought were the kids souvenir cups and I left them out to dry. I have a habit of keeping my privacy notice on the door. I hate when people enter my room without my being there. Well this staff didn’t care if you had the privacy do not disturb up. The lady who cleaned my room stole our souvenir cups along with other small items. She then denied doing it and the staff refused to believe the paying customer over the housekeeping lady. I get it you want to believe your staff but seriously your customers should always be first. I told him to tell her to stay out of my room for the rest of my stay.

It was shortly after that, minutes really, that I had the do not disturb on the door. She came by knocking housekeeping. I ignored the door because we were changing for swim time and she opened the door and walked right in. I said no service and she was confused I then said see this means stay out. I was seriously annoyed.

So if your ever looking for a hotel I would say stay far away from poways best western. It was the worst hotel ever!

So my daughter is 5. She has been in the kitchen with me baking for years. I would say age 2 I let her start mixing ingredients together. A lot of my friends who have kids talk about why they don’t allow their kids in the kitchen so I thought I would talk about why I do.

I was never allowed to cook. I never did laundry and cleaning was optional. So now that my daughter is getting older, and we are beginning our homeschooling adventure, I decided it was time for her to get better at baking. After all the girl constantly wants to bake cupcakes for everyone. This time around I let her go at it on her own from start to finish.

I measured the ingredients and I helped with the eggs but she did everything else from putting the mix together to mixing the eggs, water and oil together. She is super independent in the kitchen and I find that awesome. She should be comfortable cracking eggs and helping cook things. If I constantly told her no she wouldn’t learn new skills.

Many people say they don’t want to clean up the mess. I say who cares. I learned if I use a paper towel where she is cracking eggs I have less mess on my floor if she cracks it a little hard. Scoop up the egg in the paper towel and spray down the counter and it’s easy clean up.

If she has a passion for baking I will nurture it for as long as I can. She puts items in the oven with a little help but she still knows that she doesnt use the oven without me. I figure she doesn’t need to grow up completely clueless when she moves away.

Laundry! Oh I thought my grandma was going to smack me today when I told her my daughter does her own laundry. She goes “she’s a little young isn’t she.”

My daughter responded, “well I get help with the soap and turning it on but I can do my laundry.” Good for you for being so confident. Now here is why I decided she needed to do her own laundry.

I am tired of picking up her clothes off the floor. It seems laundry is never ending and she leaves her clothes where they fall and it is annoying. She ran out of shorts for tumbling and dance and swears dad put them in a wrong drawer. (Wouldn’t have been the first time that has happened). I simply asked her how full her basket was and than told her they were probably in her dirty clothes. She said well that’s not my job. I reminded her it was her job and she then went into the laundry room got her stool and started loading the washer.

Bet you can’t guess what she found mixed in with her dirty clothes! If you said tumbling shorts or dance shorts you are absolutely correct. But, what does a 5 year old doing laundry look like?

Well we have a step stool she uses to get things from the counter or drawers. She drags that to the laundry room. She carefully takes the clothes and precisely positions them around. She then waits for me to push the button for the soap. She spreads the liquid soap evenly. After that she lets me adjust the dial and then she pulls it to get the water started. When the clothes are done she either climbs back up the dryer to get the clothes out of the washer or she asks for help getting them out. She puts everything and a dryer sheet into the dryer and can spin the dial to set the time and can start it on her own.

I am raising a human. A human that will need to know basic human things to survive in the world after she leaves home.

Cleaning. Oh I struggle with cleaning anything so once every two weeks I try to clean things and she helps. She sweeps and vacuums and dusts things. We work together to straighten her toys and movies. Our house looks lived in. I don’t pick up or get all crazy for guests. I have a child in the home and sometimes her toys are everywhere.

Life gets messy. May as well enjoy it.

So I travel once a year for sunny San Diego California to spend a week with my son. It’s not much, it’s not enough but it’s what I get so there it is.

our trip to California with my mom, her husband and my daughter was uneventful. I should have known the trip home would not be the same. We leave San Diego in summer of 2014. We board the plane and make our way to the Windy City for the connection to my moms city. I never flew out of Bloomington before but the parking is free so we thought why not.

Upon landing in Chicago I am informed they cancelled our connecting flight. (I’ll find out later they do this often). I’m tired, I’m beyond mad and they lost my luggage. So I turn into the monster traveler I hate dealing with. Mind you I worked partly taking customer service calls at work so I understand what I nightmare it can be to deal with an unruly customer but today I didn’t care. I was mad. My daughter was hungry and I was getting the run around by every agent in the building. Apparently no one had the gall to let me know they cancelled the flight because not enough people were on it.

So I make my way to the 5th agent (yes I said 5th). I am calm. I calmly ask where my luggage is. I get the answer of I have no idea. I start to lose my temper. The agent informs me they will get me a hotel or a bus ticket to get me home. Listen lady, I want my luggage and I want to get home. The lady, apparently doesn’t have good customer service skills because I am informed it is my problem and I’ll have to get my luggage tomorrow when it is flown into Bloomington.

I snap. It’s been a long day, I left my son hours earlier and my daughter is complaining she’s hungry. Give me my bags and let me go find some bus that again no one can give me information on. The agent gets attitude. This is a terrible outcome for her day.

I start screaming that the airline is a crock. I threatened the lady, I told everyone including security I had a bomb and would blow up the airport. My mom standing next to me tells me to shut up because you can’t say bomb at chicagos airport! I said bomb bomb bomb as loud as I could followed by I’m going to blow this building up! Security guy who was walking towards me turns around and leaves the building. Second security guy walking the opposite direction also goes out the door.

I stop shouting, look at the lady and calmly tell her to get my bags here now and that security clearly doesn’t care for her or the building. My bags showed up right away. I took my bus ticket and went to find the magic bus.

Mind you I’m waiting for the police to show up because I threatened to blow up the airport multiple times in front of countless people. No, no police ever showed up. The bus that we had to hurry to get to took another 1.5 hours to arrive. It was a joke plus some.

To top off my day, a poor woman with mental health issues screamed and cried the whole way to Bloomington. I felt bad for the woman chased by her demons but was not in the mood. My daughter apparently thought a bus was a great end to her trip because she sang the wheels on the bus countless times.

I was told by her that it was ok we would still get home. At the same time I was thinking, I just want my own bed!!

Needless to say I try really hard not to fly out of Chicago because well, I have determined that no one there really knows their job. I also determined that rent a cops are an utter joke everywhere (my workplace included).

So if you ever want free entertainment feel free to find me on a flight sometime and I’m sure you will get a good laugh or 12. I flew in the Air Force I know the laws of the sky and I will forever push them.

Making waves is my style.

I love coaching my daughter in all her sports. I have coached her in t-ball and soccer for a couple years now. I signed up to coach because no one else would. I sign up to help in her dance classes for room moms during the recital performances. I am constantly around because she wants me there. I know one day she won’t so why not enjoy it now right?

I signed up for spring soccer through a city park board. We have played sports through this city for years and I had never had issues. So I was excited. Then soccer started. I emailed all the parents and let them know of where and the time of practice. I was so excited. Mind you I know next to nothing of soccer. What I know is things that I have picked up from other people but hey it is kindergarten soccer so its mostly supposed to be fun.

I held one practice. I had a list of things to cover and I was ok with all the parents ignoring their kids while I taught them the basics. It was nothing new to me to watch parents play on their cell phones or have conversations about so and so while totally ignoring the kids practicing. So I talked to the parents. I won’t lie this is the worst part about being a coach. I hate hate hate talking to the parents. They are always above anything you say. They all want to sign up for snacks though so hey there is always that. It seems like parents feel guilty they don’t pay attention so they compete for best snack at the game award.

So I talked to the parents told them what I expected, let them know how long practices would be (its never long enough) and handed out the sheet for snack person as well as a schedule. I am always prepared because I never want to stumble when talking to the parents. That just gives them a chance to talk back and that never ends well because they all know better than the person who actually deals with their children. So practice of course is not long enough. Why it can’t be longer. Why can’t we practice on the fields we will play at. Question after question that I had previously answered. It is almost like they look for you to stumble so they can strike.

There was one mom that tried to tell me I gave out the wrong game schedule. I looked at her and said no we are the kindergarten team 2. She said oh I thought we were the 4 year old group. I really wanted to say seriously your kid is almost 6 why would they be with 4 year olds. Ok no I am never wrong ma’am I try very hard to ensure that I am always right when dealing with you all. Thank you practice is over I am leaving.

Of course they didn’t like me. I didn’t bow to their ways. So after the third mother asked the same question I sent a mass email answering the question in more detail then needed. The day of the game two moms asked if it was their day for snack. I didn’t sign the sheet, how do you not know what day you sign up for. So I figure I don’t really care if they bring snacks or not to the game so I ignore the first message. Then some how it always becomes about winning. Are our kids going to win. Well I couldn’t tell you because this is a recreational league and it is for fun. We don’t keep score. Well they won a lot last time so we expect to win this year too. No ma’am I don’t coach for kindergarten children to win. They all get some dumb ribbon so what does it matter.

It was at the first game I took the equipment to the director told him I quit and walked away. He asked why. I said well the parents are all about win win win. I am not a babysitter and I don’t get disrespected. He then walked over to the parents and asked if any of them wanted to be the coach. The comments that I overheard made me want to scream. These parents are rude. I told my daughter that after t-ball I am done in that city. The director actually apologized to me because of the things that the parents said.

I am a competitive mom. We have done pageants and sports and next up is competitive cheerleading. With that being said just because I am competitive doesn’t mean I want my daughter to be all about winning. We have won and we have lost gracefully. She is 5 and its all about fun. In 10 years, you better believe if she plays a sport it better be because she wants to be the best. For now, it is to gain the skills and the knowledge to know what she wants to really excel at.

Dine with shamu

Sea world has been controversial since the movie blackfish has come to light. Sea world in my opinion is all about family fun for me. I used to love going to Sea World San Diego and watching the manatees swim lazily in the enclosure. They were there because they needed care and at the time it was authorized. Today, Sea world is more of an amusement park, an expensive one, but still fun. I have brought my kids up to respect wildlife. Living in the Midwest, we have very cold winters and very hot summers. It is not every day that they can go outside and see ocean creatures. Sea world has given us that opportunity to see things that we would never get the chance to see. I have tried whale tours before but they bore my kids to tears as they are usually a few hours and after about 10 minutes they are over the boat ride. Don’t even get me started if there are no whales at that time.

Sea world had a chance years ago to get in front of blackfish. They decided that their reputation was above propaganda. They guessed wrong. Between blackfish and the rising cost of entry fees that all amusement parks seem to have, it has really affected the ability of regular people going to see these animals. Sea world complains that they don’t get enough of an audience and yet every time I have gone (regardless of the season) the place is full. Even when it is rainy or chilly people go to see these amazing sea animals and watch the theatrics at the shows.

My favorite show used to be the Shamu show, I loved watching the trainers get into the water and swim with these massive creatures. It wasn’t until a trainer was killed in 2010. Was it the whales fault, the trainers fault or the spotters fault. I won’t ever know and I won’t ever speculate. Was it tragic? Absolutely. Not only did we lose an amazing trainer but a shadow was further cast over a wild animal that was in captivity. My favorite show has been for the last few years the Sea Lion and Otter show. It is amazing how they have these sleek animals perform. From the crew that comes out to entertain the audience 15 minutes before show time to the last group dance they leave you laughing and having a great time.

Let’s talk captivity. Am I for it? I don’t really know. I mean to an extent I guess I am. Places like zoo’s all over the world have helped bring endangered species back to threatened or even fully thriving. Do I feel like I belong in the category of free willy? Not at all. I am old enough I remember Keiko. I remember the process of trying to train this whale held in a Mexico hell to be self sustaining. Millions of dollars were spent to get this one whale ready to go back into the wild. There were just a few issues with this concept. The first, this whale had spent a long time learning that people bring food. That is not an easy habit to break and we can see from all the times Keiko came close to humans even in the wild that he never lost that bad habit. Whales in captivity have round the clock veterinarian care. Take the super filtered water they swim in daily and you are seriously setting any whale up for failure. Water filtering. Well there are a lot of nasty bacteria in the oceans. All you have to do is ask anyone and you will see its a dirty place. Think of all the rivers or garbage that is in the ocean. Keiko died of a lung infection. He wasn’t able to associate with a pod because no pod ever accepted him. It is a sad way to die. If they had kept him in captivity he may have had many more years on his life. Instead, we learned the hard way that it is difficult to keep any animal in captivity for years and release them without a lot of set backs.

Sea world does a lot of good. The number of animals rescued and rehabilitated by sea world is amazing. I love going up to La Jolla when I am in Southern California and watching the Sea lions sunning themselves in the cove or at children’s beach. To think that sea world works hard to save the ones stuck in fishing line or that are too sick to eat its amazing. Sea world helps a lot of animals. They give a home to babies that are too young to be taken back to the wild. The best success story is of JJ the whale. So is sea world the best place on earth, no that’s Disneyland. Sea world does a lot of good. So I would say support sea world for the good that they do and will continue to do.