1 Timothy 2:9 says a woman should dress modestly. What exactly does this mean as it also talks about not wearing jewelry and such. Here is my take on modesty.

Dressing modestly:
so my daughter is in both dance and cheer. She’s 5 and she chooses her outfits for classes. Her preference are sports bra tops and booty shorts. Why do I allow it when most people call me a prude? It’s her freedom of choice.

When she was 3 and wanted blue hair I let her get blue high lights. She changed highlights from blue to pink to black before deciding she had enough and wanted normal hair. Took 2 years but she got there. Why did she stop? She hated washing her hair in cold water. She learned that if she had cool hair she would pay the price of cold water. So she gave up cool hair.

Clothes, she doesn’t walk around town wearing sports bras. She has a bikini. She requested it, wore it a few times before realizing it’s not all that great. So now we stick with 1 piece swim wear or tankinis.

What about me? I’m the prude remember. Two kids out of wed lock one lives with me the other with his dad and I’m the prude? Yup that’s me. I’m the jerk that made my husband wait 5 years to have sex with him. Made him wait. Barely kiss him made him wait. Why? Because after my daughter it was hard. I watched my best friend intentionally get pregnant so her boyfriend she barely knew would marry her because he was hot and fun. She’s miserable some days, some days she’s happy but she taught me that sex isn’t worth happiness. So he waited.

I wear what I want, mostly tank tops, shorts, flip flops. Idk how to dress myself most of the time. I work at UPS remember it’s a warehouse of sorts and I am a prude. I don’t show much skin, I have tattoos and yet I am modest.

I’ve got friends who have never dated. They are more into God. I respect them. I have friends who have dated but changed their course and now haven’t dated in almost as many years. They are amazing. I tried, I quit looking and I got a husband. He may be more persistent idk.

What is modesty? I don’t know that you can define that. It’s more what is modest for you? And why are women always to blame for being unmodest?

Men: they get away with anything. Take for example where I work. A woman comes in and strips to her bra and everyone loses their minds. Either the guys think she’s hot, the girls get offended and she puts clothes back on. A guy comes in has a shirt on that’s been cut from arm pits to stomach. You know the one, it’s similar to a singlet they wear for wrestling. You can see man boobs, chest, all but some small strip in the center. Not to mention his pants won’t stay on so your looking at his underwear. A woman shows her bra and underwear and people go crazy!

Why is there a difference? Women can lust after a man. They can think impure thoughts. A man can lust after a woman and have impure thoughts but when it comes down to it, a woman is the one who has to dress modestly.

Remember how I said my daughter is in dance and cheer? Take Michael flatly for example. He was HOT hot. Always did Irish dancing with her shirt wide open or completely off. Showing his abs for every woman to gush over. The Irish women however, short skirts or dresses but completely covered. Not ok for them to show off their body most of the time. But totally ok for the man.

What is modesty to me? That’s easy, every human should think about what they wear. Every human should care more about themselves. Sad truth is, when people say they care or don’t care usually it’s the opposite.

Dress modestly, act modestly, but seriously God forgives those who seek it. Don’t forget to live every day to the fullest.

So recently I went with my family to our local zoo. Growing up it was always really exciting to see the elephants (Kathy sha boom) as well as the lions and other animals that one only sees in a zoo setting.

A few years ago things at our little zoo got pretty bad. It started with the wallabys. No one really noticed that they were not there anymore. One day, the zoo was forced to make a statement but only after a few other things happened. First it was the wallabys. Next was the elephants, then the lions and the jaguar. What happened? The original zoo director (not the first one but the good one). He left for better job opportunity and higher pay. After he left we lost our accreditation and things started moving. You see our zoo is controlled by the county.

So we lost our accreditation then wallabys started dying off. One survived and was sent back to the zoo that loaned him to us. After that the elephants were loaned to a zoo down south. It wasn’t until the zoo raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to save the elephants and to build the new enclosure to keep them. The county board sent them anyway. Where did the money go you ask? Well no one knows.

So after the elephants were sent down south the male lion got a lot of health issues. He’s old they said 20 or so. They began work on fixing the lion exhibit so they housed them in tiny cages. It was quite sad for more than a year. After they finally finished (at least 2 years later) they made a statement regarding the male lion not moving because of his diminished eyesight and his increasing old age he wouldn’t survive the move. So they split up the two females and the male that had been together for as long as I can remember. That didn’t last more than a few months and all of a sudden the male was back with the females in the new enclosure. What changes? The fence was redone that was all.

The male lion died then the jaguar was old so they put him down. We had a baby giraffe but it was stepped on and then they put the baby down due to complications with its leg. So I’m a few years there were all these issues. Then comes along the need for change.

We fired the director and hired a guy with an impressive resume. The old director took half the staff with him (good riddance). The new director came in and started working. He worked through the winter making plans and things. Last year he made minor changes to the grounds like making sure volunteers were out weeding and making things look more appealing. Then this year the promise of new animals.

We got Bactrian camels, and meerkats and other animals. Now we have fish and things. It’s really interesting to watch. What I’m not impressed with is you can’t call an exhibit oceans if you have fish and no cool animals of the sea. Another time. They claim to have over 40 new fish species and other animals he has brought in. My opinion is he is really trying to turn the zoo around. He is charging for parking which helps covers costs and he has added a learning experience for kids.

It makes it worth $8 plus $3 for the train, $2 to fee birds, $2 for carousel, $4 for a piece of lettuce to feed giraffes? I bought a membership because it’s cheaper if we go more than 3 times plus $3 parking adds up. (It’s free with membership) it now costs $17 to do most activities instead of $47.

If you enjoy big zoos, don’t bother but if you enjoy small quiet zoos then stop on by coal valley Illinois and check out our small hometown zoo.

It’s not great but it’s getting back to its roots.