United airlines family friendly

I travel by air a lot. Most times I travel American but after the last time I was open to anyone else. United airlines has the best price for what I wanted. So we ordered our tickets and waited to fly. I learned that if you check in early it’s sometimes easier.

I did just that. I checked in early (one day before the flight) and noticed that my 5 year old was sitting behind me on the 3.5 hour flight from Chicago to San Diego. I started to get super nervous. Every time I travel something bad happens and I was afraid this was the bad thing.

It’s not that I don’t trust people it’s that this was an early morning flight and she was going to be tired and being stuck between two strangers sounded too much for this mom to handle. Flights are already expensive and I wasn’t paying $100 each for us both to change seats so I let go and let God. I prayed that things would work out.

We got to the airport and printed our tickets. I knew the gate agent couldn’t help me with the journey so we waited to land in Chicago. I immediately went to the customer service center in the middle of the airport for united and waited in line.

Once I got to the counter the woman said she couldn’t help me but not to worry because the gate agent would most likely help me no problem. She understood my concern and put my worries to ease.

Once the gate agent arrived I walked up to him. He was nice and friendly and so helpful. He went above and beyond and the best thing was that I didn’t have to pay the extra $200 for our seats to be changed.

That is not where the friendliness ended. On the aircraft, heading to San Diego, the flight attendants offered beverages and didn’t try to wake us when we slept. They didn’t talk down to me as if I’ve never flown before. It was night and day from what I get with American Airlines. I didn’t have any issues on the plane heading to San Diego. The flight crew even let me daughter check out the cockpit. The pilot and co pilot were informative and happy to be doing their job. The flights were smooth and I was impressed. (I am not always easily impressed)

I used to fly on a plane for the Air Force so I understand the rules and I obey them as such. I appreciate friendly staff in the sky’s as it helps relieve any stress of traveling. The staff of united airlines is the best and well worth the cost of the tickets.

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