Worst hotel ever

Last March I travelled to San Diego California as I do every year. This trip was different. I splurged a little got a nice mustang convertible because my daughter wanted a windy car. I stayed in the city of poway because that was where I was told to stay. So I found a best western. I like best western, the one by my home is beautiful and everything is great. The best western in poway California however, worst hotel ever! And I have stayed in some shady places.

For example, our flight was late. It happens right. Air travel is a tricky beast, sometimes your lucky and sometimes you get stuck. So we were about 2 hours late. Luckily we got that connection. We got the car easily enough. Maneuvering the then 4 year old and all luggage into the sports car. We were tired so we drove to poway and I was looking forward to getting to bed.

We checked in and walked into our room and the smell was annoying. I figured well I’m tired and I don’t want to deal with it so I’ll try to ignore it. We changed and brushed teeth and then it was like the smell was getting worse. I tried laying down and it just starting bothering me. So I packed up our stuff and went back to the counter. That seems to be where the issues started. The guy seemed to think I was lying. I said hey I hate bothering you but my room smells like pot and normally I would let it go but with my daughter here I can’t. Do you have any other rooms. The guy was like no one has been in your room. I said I know it’s clean and great but the neighbor is smoking so much it’s coming thru the walls. He reluctantly looked at his computer and got us another room. He then walked us to the old room to retrieve our stuff and then he was all like wow it does smell really strong in here.

I was like duh. I said yea that’s kinda why I couldn’t just ignore it because it seems like someone is in here. So he allegedly talked to the guy next door and we moved to the back of the building and our room was less impressive. The door and lock didn’t always work. Occasionally you had to pull on the door and insert the key card in order for it to work. The door itself wouldn’t open easily and often times it wouldn’t close all the way. It was a nightmare but hey it didn’t smell like weed anymore.

So we went sight seeing and spent time with my boy and had a blast. We went to the zoo and all we bought were the kids souvenir cups and I left them out to dry. I have a habit of keeping my privacy notice on the door. I hate when people enter my room without my being there. Well this staff didn’t care if you had the privacy do not disturb up. The lady who cleaned my room stole our souvenir cups along with other small items. She then denied doing it and the staff refused to believe the paying customer over the housekeeping lady. I get it you want to believe your staff but seriously your customers should always be first. I told him to tell her to stay out of my room for the rest of my stay.

It was shortly after that, minutes really, that I had the do not disturb on the door. She came by knocking housekeeping. I ignored the door because we were changing for swim time and she opened the door and walked right in. I said no service and she was confused I then said see this means stay out. I was seriously annoyed.

So if your ever looking for a hotel I would say stay far away from poways best western. It was the worst hotel ever!

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