Last March I travelled to San Diego California as I do every year. This trip was different. I splurged a little got a nice mustang convertible because my daughter wanted a windy car. I stayed in the city of poway because that was where I was told to stay. So I found a best western. I like best western, the one by my home is beautiful and everything is great. The best western in poway California however, worst hotel ever! And I have stayed in some shady places.

For example, our flight was late. It happens right. Air travel is a tricky beast, sometimes your lucky and sometimes you get stuck. So we were about 2 hours late. Luckily we got that connection. We got the car easily enough. Maneuvering the then 4 year old and all luggage into the sports car. We were tired so we drove to poway and I was looking forward to getting to bed.

We checked in and walked into our room and the smell was annoying. I figured well I’m tired and I don’t want to deal with it so I’ll try to ignore it. We changed and brushed teeth and then it was like the smell was getting worse. I tried laying down and it just starting bothering me. So I packed up our stuff and went back to the counter. That seems to be where the issues started. The guy seemed to think I was lying. I said hey I hate bothering you but my room smells like pot and normally I would let it go but with my daughter here I can’t. Do you have any other rooms. The guy was like no one has been in your room. I said I know it’s clean and great but the neighbor is smoking so much it’s coming thru the walls. He reluctantly looked at his computer and got us another room. He then walked us to the old room to retrieve our stuff and then he was all like wow it does smell really strong in here.

I was like duh. I said yea that’s kinda why I couldn’t just ignore it because it seems like someone is in here. So he allegedly talked to the guy next door and we moved to the back of the building and our room was less impressive. The door and lock didn’t always work. Occasionally you had to pull on the door and insert the key card in order for it to work. The door itself wouldn’t open easily and often times it wouldn’t close all the way. It was a nightmare but hey it didn’t smell like weed anymore.

So we went sight seeing and spent time with my boy and had a blast. We went to the zoo and all we bought were the kids souvenir cups and I left them out to dry. I have a habit of keeping my privacy notice on the door. I hate when people enter my room without my being there. Well this staff didn’t care if you had the privacy do not disturb up. The lady who cleaned my room stole our souvenir cups along with other small items. She then denied doing it and the staff refused to believe the paying customer over the housekeeping lady. I get it you want to believe your staff but seriously your customers should always be first. I told him to tell her to stay out of my room for the rest of my stay.

It was shortly after that, minutes really, that I had the do not disturb on the door. She came by knocking housekeeping. I ignored the door because we were changing for swim time and she opened the door and walked right in. I said no service and she was confused I then said see this means stay out. I was seriously annoyed.

So if your ever looking for a hotel I would say stay far away from poways best western. It was the worst hotel ever!

So my daughter is 5. She has been in the kitchen with me baking for years. I would say age 2 I let her start mixing ingredients together. A lot of my friends who have kids talk about why they don’t allow their kids in the kitchen so I thought I would talk about why I do.

I was never allowed to cook. I never did laundry and cleaning was optional. So now that my daughter is getting older, and we are beginning our homeschooling adventure, I decided it was time for her to get better at baking. After all the girl constantly wants to bake cupcakes for everyone. This time around I let her go at it on her own from start to finish.

I measured the ingredients and I helped with the eggs but she did everything else from putting the mix together to mixing the eggs, water and oil together. She is super independent in the kitchen and I find that awesome. She should be comfortable cracking eggs and helping cook things. If I constantly told her no she wouldn’t learn new skills.

Many people say they don’t want to clean up the mess. I say who cares. I learned if I use a paper towel where she is cracking eggs I have less mess on my floor if she cracks it a little hard. Scoop up the egg in the paper towel and spray down the counter and it’s easy clean up.

If she has a passion for baking I will nurture it for as long as I can. She puts items in the oven with a little help but she still knows that she doesnt use the oven without me. I figure she doesn’t need to grow up completely clueless when she moves away.

Laundry! Oh I thought my grandma was going to smack me today when I told her my daughter does her own laundry. She goes “she’s a little young isn’t she.”

My daughter responded, “well I get help with the soap and turning it on but I can do my laundry.” Good for you for being so confident. Now here is why I decided she needed to do her own laundry.

I am tired of picking up her clothes off the floor. It seems laundry is never ending and she leaves her clothes where they fall and it is annoying. She ran out of shorts for tumbling and dance and swears dad put them in a wrong drawer. (Wouldn’t have been the first time that has happened). I simply asked her how full her basket was and than told her they were probably in her dirty clothes. She said well that’s not my job. I reminded her it was her job and she then went into the laundry room got her stool and started loading the washer.

Bet you can’t guess what she found mixed in with her dirty clothes! If you said tumbling shorts or dance shorts you are absolutely correct. But, what does a 5 year old doing laundry look like?

Well we have a step stool she uses to get things from the counter or drawers. She drags that to the laundry room. She carefully takes the clothes and precisely positions them around. She then waits for me to push the button for the soap. She spreads the liquid soap evenly. After that she lets me adjust the dial and then she pulls it to get the water started. When the clothes are done she either climbs back up the dryer to get the clothes out of the washer or she asks for help getting them out. She puts everything and a dryer sheet into the dryer and can spin the dial to set the time and can start it on her own.

I am raising a human. A human that will need to know basic human things to survive in the world after she leaves home.

Cleaning. Oh I struggle with cleaning anything so once every two weeks I try to clean things and she helps. She sweeps and vacuums and dusts things. We work together to straighten her toys and movies. Our house looks lived in. I don’t pick up or get all crazy for guests. I have a child in the home and sometimes her toys are everywhere.

Life gets messy. May as well enjoy it.

So I travel once a year for sunny San Diego California to spend a week with my son. It’s not much, it’s not enough but it’s what I get so there it is.

our trip to California with my mom, her husband and my daughter was uneventful. I should have known the trip home would not be the same. We leave San Diego in summer of 2014. We board the plane and make our way to the Windy City for the connection to my moms city. I never flew out of Bloomington before but the parking is free so we thought why not.

Upon landing in Chicago I am informed they cancelled our connecting flight. (I’ll find out later they do this often). I’m tired, I’m beyond mad and they lost my luggage. So I turn into the monster traveler I hate dealing with. Mind you I worked partly taking customer service calls at work so I understand what I nightmare it can be to deal with an unruly customer but today I didn’t care. I was mad. My daughter was hungry and I was getting the run around by every agent in the building. Apparently no one had the gall to let me know they cancelled the flight because not enough people were on it.

So I make my way to the 5th agent (yes I said 5th). I am calm. I calmly ask where my luggage is. I get the answer of I have no idea. I start to lose my temper. The agent informs me they will get me a hotel or a bus ticket to get me home. Listen lady, I want my luggage and I want to get home. The lady, apparently doesn’t have good customer service skills because I am informed it is my problem and I’ll have to get my luggage tomorrow when it is flown into Bloomington.

I snap. It’s been a long day, I left my son hours earlier and my daughter is complaining she’s hungry. Give me my bags and let me go find some bus that again no one can give me information on. The agent gets attitude. This is a terrible outcome for her day.

I start screaming that the airline is a crock. I threatened the lady, I told everyone including security I had a bomb and would blow up the airport. My mom standing next to me tells me to shut up because you can’t say bomb at chicagos airport! I said bomb bomb bomb as loud as I could followed by I’m going to blow this building up! Security guy who was walking towards me turns around and leaves the building. Second security guy walking the opposite direction also goes out the door.

I stop shouting, look at the lady and calmly tell her to get my bags here now and that security clearly doesn’t care for her or the building. My bags showed up right away. I took my bus ticket and went to find the magic bus.

Mind you I’m waiting for the police to show up because I threatened to blow up the airport multiple times in front of countless people. No, no police ever showed up. The bus that we had to hurry to get to took another 1.5 hours to arrive. It was a joke plus some.

To top off my day, a poor woman with mental health issues screamed and cried the whole way to Bloomington. I felt bad for the woman chased by her demons but was not in the mood. My daughter apparently thought a bus was a great end to her trip because she sang the wheels on the bus countless times.

I was told by her that it was ok we would still get home. At the same time I was thinking, I just want my own bed!!

Needless to say I try really hard not to fly out of Chicago because well, I have determined that no one there really knows their job. I also determined that rent a cops are an utter joke everywhere (my workplace included).

So if you ever want free entertainment feel free to find me on a flight sometime and I’m sure you will get a good laugh or 12. I flew in the Air Force I know the laws of the sky and I will forever push them.

Making waves is my style.