Funeral procession

So yesterday, it occurred to me that in this life we have seriously become too busy.  As I was driving, daily errands, a funeral procession turned in front of me while I waited at a red light.  No big deal except I grew up watching my parents pull over and stop the car while the procession passed.  Ok well I was already stopped and they were not going around me so this was a different situation.  I was in the opposite lane as the procession and after a few blocks of staying at a safe distance behind (mind you I am slowing traffic now in both lanes) the procession begins another turn away from me.  So I drove on.  The second the other lane opened up the guy who was behind me, who was seriously annoyed that I had gone so slow (maybe 5-10 under the speed limit), drove off in a huff glaring at me as he passed.  So I took it to my facebook page to ask what others would do.  I have encountered funeral processions in San Diego on the highway and I have given my distance.  Mind you I am human and really needed to exit so I actually cut one off to exit.  It was the longest funeral procession I have ever seen to date and well I am human.  I wonder if paying respects to the dead or grieving families has simply gone out the window in our busy society or if we simply don’t care about others like we used to so many years ago.  I could only imagine how I would feel if someone was in such a rush that they sped past.  As if those few minutes really made that much of a difference.  Makes me wonder what my daughter is learning from me.  Will she learn to respect a funeral procession.  And what if she does, will she be one of a few adults in her time that pays respect.  I know every state is different and every county and all that have different laws.  I know down south in some places people stop and exit the vehicle.  In the Midwest you are supposed to slow or come to a stop until the procession passes.  I guess times are changing but some things should remain unchanged.

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